We are one of the leading companies in the world that provide both translation and interpretation services for conducting your business. We understand that communication is important and of utmost importance to any business and with the world shrinking to the size of a mobile these days there is a need for translation and interpretation services and this is where we play a role in being your partners.
We have the following software and hardware products that can be bought from us. They can also be licensed or rented on a need basis.
Some of the translator tools we provide are

  1. Software Tools: We develop special software for translation purposes. The tool helps in segmenting the content and translating the text automatically.
  2. Quality Check tool: This tool helps the translator to make sure whether he or she is providing a good quality document and confirms to the industries standards.
  3. Post Production Tools: It helps to check the formatting and general grammar of the document.

Some of the interpreter tools we provide are

  1. Equipment: This is the equipment that has a microphone in to which the speaker speaks and this is then broadcast in to various listeners or rather interpreters listening in to it.
  2. Sound proof booths: These booths are important as the translators are going to sit inside and translate online with a live speaker. It is obvious that these people should be able to hear precisely and also should not be disturbed by other’s speaking.
  3. Headsets: The interpreter has a set of headsets to listen to the speaker. The audience listens to the translated content via headsets.

There are various factors that decide which equipment must be used, contact us on your needs and we can help you buy or rent as per your needs.